Thursday, January 5, 2012

A Thinking Day

It started last night - this thinking.

It didn't stop this morning (thank God).

I do one of two things when my mind is occupied with Very Large Thoughts: I create or I clean.

And with my sewing machine on vacation my only available asset to enhance my thought patterns was to clean my house. This morning I attacked my kitchen.

I started by washing the dishes, wiping off the stove and hood, and recovering my burner plates with foil. Directly to the right of my stove is this corner.

I moved on to the microwave and found a new home for Husband's travel mugs along the right side. The real miracle is what you don't see in these pictures: the clean interior.

It is very good advice to "do one thing every day that scares you." And so I tackled the top of the fridge, too.

Then I swept and washed the floors and ignored the basket of clean laundry. Not bad for a morning.

While waiting for the floor to dry I appropriated these boxes from the girls' room and sorted some fabric into them. They're perfect for a large project that needs division along the warm and cool colour spectrums.

It is still unclear whether there is enough fabric in my house to create what is rolling around in my head behind my Very Large Thoughts. I'm going to be cutting into yardage and chopping up almost every fat quarter that I own. My scraps will be depleted in a vicious way.

And then I'll have an excuse to buy more fabric. Perfect!

This afternoon includes more cleaning as I continue to tackle my Very Large Thoughts. Prayers would be appreciated. These thoughts are not bad thoughts, but they do have the potential to change a lot of stuff in my life (all for the good).

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