Saturday, January 14, 2012

Introducing: Rambo!

When I ran out of steam calculating the yardage needed for the Green Quilt I passed the numbers off to my accountant (yes, you read that right). And guess what? She miscalculated and I ran out of fabric...I may need two more meters.

Although it may make no sense to the non-quilting crowd, I am stoked that the green quilt has been put on hold for a couple of days.

The working title for the new quilt is Rambo Bright. The above photo represents about a quarter of the fabrics chosen to grace this beauty.

 I love that the colours in this picture are almost true to life.
Delicious trouble colour. There never seems to be the "perfect" red. It is my favorite colour, however, so I settle for all reds and not just the perfect one. To me, trying to find the perfect red fabric is like trying to find the perfect red lipstick - it might take my entire life.

 These are a selection of neutrals that I might need....or I might not.

I also pulled every violet (and one purple!) I could find that hasn't been previously claimed. It's not much, but so very necessary according to the intended recipients.

The vague plan for Rambo Bright is crumbs, stars, and other improv blocks; possibly set on point; then bordered by some Nate blocks a la Malka. It's a Newlywed quilt and the groom is a Very Tall Guy so this will be a very large quilt.

I started slicing and sewing:

And I located some binding trimmings that will make beautiful improv geese:

I also chose a binding for my Dark Side WIP....revealing soon.

Counting the Irish Chain, Green Quilt, Rambo Bright, Dark Side....maybe I should have more than 4 WIPs? I haven't even begun the Mona Lisa door hanging, and the conceived Cathedral Windows throw pillow. This year is already so exciting!

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  1. OK! you have had to put one project aside...for the moment....BUT you get to work on the others!! Not a bad trade xx


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