Saturday, January 7, 2012

Beneficial Talent

There are many reasons why a quilter will choose one LQS over another when it's time to buy fabric. There is one store in my shopping radius that I will not go to because they like to choose colours for you, trying to make sure everything is matchy-matchy. The last time I was in there they tried to make me feel like I had no sense whatsoever simply because I did not know the producer's name for Malka Dubrawsky's new "Stitch in Colour" line of fabrics. Looked at me like I was crazy, they did: she actually asked me if it was a real fabric line.

It may have had something to do with me not looking like a typical quilter (purple faux-hawk and all). Meh.

However, at my "home" LQS they appreciate that I know my way around cotton. In fact, they never offer to help me choose fabric.

Why, you say?

I have a queer little (awesome) talent for colour memory. I do not have to take a focal fabric in and then match colours using the dye dots on the selvedge. All of my colour choices go together because I say so. I can see a colour a few times and just know what will look good with it. Or, as in the green quilt, I can match very similar colours and it'll still look good together when I get them home.

Today I bought these greens to supplement the scraps I already had.

Looking at all the greens together makes me so happy. None look out of place....good mix of values, shades, tints, scale.

While it's not a talent that begs to be bragged about, it does come in handy when I'm out randomly adding yardage to my stash. Keeps it cohesive. Makes me happy.

 Progress so far: 237 squares cut. 420 to go.

And I chose a lovely unbleached muslin for the BG. I hope they'll still have some when I have the money to buy it. (You were right about the cream, Diane.)


  1. drives me crazy when someone else trys to tell me my choices are "wrong" ...they are MY choices and I will live with the outcome xx

  2. I'm with you.....I like making my own choices.

  3. My sister is quite artisic and because of that she also has very good colour memory. I am not ashamed to say I have a bit of envy. I too like putting my own fabrics together - it just feels much better to me even though I don't have the same talent.

  4. I think you do have a good colour sense! Don't let anyone destroy your confidence!


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