Tuesday, January 24, 2012


I actually don't want to post today.

But since I have some pictures and have made a heck of a lot of progress on two WIPs.....

This is a practice sandwich I threw together before jumping onto an actual quilt. I've always thought that free motion feathers were the epitome of FMQ success....but now that I'm here and able to do them, I find that I don't even like them anymore. They're not my style. I prefer the "oak leaf" on the left.

I used the Oak Leaf all over Bunny Trails. Here is [part of] the back. Full reveal in a couple of days when it is bound.

I used the same sandwich to create a flowery pattern to use on the light half of The Dark Side quilt (if that made no sense, know that it's me, not you).

This pattern evolved as I was stitching it and I ended up with a FMQ pattern that will be used again and again.

 Here is what The Dark Side looked like when I unearthed it from a seven month hibernation. It's been partially quilted, awaiting the time when my FMQ skills caught up to my imagination.

Super wrinkly! But it's been behaving nicely while quilting.

What's that you say? Where does the Dark part come in? This is the back....Can you guess what pattern I [sort of] used? It is a redrawn, modern version of a very traditional pattern. You can see it if you look closely enough.

Full reveals in two days. Max.


  1. It looks like be an Ohio star or a square in a square pattern. Your feathers are fun and the flowers are terrific.
    There is a spiral bound book by Joan Statz on free motion quilting that shows you how to make the different patterns. Some are easy and others are more complex. It is available at Central Sewing..
    Hope all is well.

    1. I may certainly have to go down and have a look at this book. I have always been a good book learner....it'll make more sense to me that way than to, say, search and learn from Day Style Designs.

  2. Thats what I was thinking, Ohio Star! Or maybe Churn Dash. I just finished doing 12 Ohio Star blocks, for a friend who will be putting them together and doing the rest of the quilt (she has a fear of triangles)! Love your oak leaf quilting and the flower too, had to spend some time sort of drawing the bloom so that I might use it or adjust it to my own project! Thanks for the inspiration!

    1. Someone give this lady a prize! It is a modern version of a Churn Dash. Please see my latest post for finished pictures. Thanks for stopping by!


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