Sunday, January 22, 2012

Bunny Trails

Last night I cleared my desk and prepared to allow inspiration to lead me. The leader/ender chains took up a lot of space on my cutting surface.

Chains + chocolate batik = Bunny Trails!

I know I want to hang this piece vertically, but I still haven't confirmed which way is "up." Horizontal gives pretty pictures, too.

As I type, "Bunny Trails" has already been [spray] basted and is awaiting free motion quilting. I've already purchased the thread, too.

See? Necessary items...more cream for the Green quilt; a mottled grey for Rambo Bright; two spools of King Tut (Joseph's Coat and Cobra); one spool of 50wt Auriful cream for piecing; and fresh oil for my machines. I love me some King Tut.

And, because Sunday is the best day for it, I present my latest photographic work. I call it "Pixie on a Piano."

This is it's companion photo "Punk on a Piano."

This is just for Gramady. The Pixie gets more and more impish as she gets older. The Husband may telephone and apologize to you.

The Pixie and I were doing a sea animals puzzle the other day, and she was very precisely identifying everything before placing the pieces. However, she had never seen an otter before.

She declared that it was a "Sea Gopher."

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