Friday, January 6, 2012

Seeing Green

This morning I ransacked my entire stash and scrap bins (excepting flannelette and denim) for warm and cool colours. I rediscovered that my stash is pathetic.

The warms:

The cools:

For the past few months I have been collecting greens for a quilt that has a design date of October 24, 2011 on the pattern. So I pulled all the (pretty) greens out of the cool stack.

Then the question became: Do I have enough green to do a queen sized quilt? I drew up a full sized pattern and calculated yardage - several times, because I'm rather retarded with numbers. I put it up on my bulletin board and started cutting.

Upon further reflection, I made the pattern slightly smaller (for a finish size of  114" square). I recalculated yardage. Again. I needed the book (The Quilter's Ultimate Visual Guide) to walk me through the series of calculations every. single. time. I'm still not done.

But I do have a very neatly organized basket of little squares. 90 down, 567 to go. And then backgrounds and sashing. This could take a while.

Instead of using a pure white (bleached muslin, same as the 9-Patch)for the background and sashing, I'm thinking about a creamy colour or maybe even a light grey. Any suggestions?

While I debate, I changed my stacks again. From this:

To this:

There is one WIP in the green bin (Husband's Irish Chain), and mending in the white bin. Once I get this mountain of green chopped up, the leftovers will go back into the blue bin for the warm/cool string creation. This way both projects win. My projected date of finish for all three quilts is the end of March.

Also, in my world, unicorns fly through purple skies and eat marshmallow lollipops.

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  1. I seem to be SUROUNDED by GREEN this month!! x (I like cream with green by the way)


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