Thursday, February 16, 2012

Book Bags!

I started by pulling a pile of fabric that looked like this:

I did a little shuffling and rearranging (none of the final cut for my Punk's book bag are in this pile).

In between toilet training (now complete!), shopping, haircut, and general life activities I sewed up four of these bad boys.

The three on the left are for a sibling group and the one in front is for the Pixie's BFF.

I love the polka dot lining on this one.

Could anything be better than magenta linen for little girls? Or argyle and popcorn for little boys?

Of course, this means that the House of Love quilt will take slightly longer to complete. Three of these bags go to that same household.

Tomorrow I'll finish the Punk's bag. She has been so patiently waiting for one of her own. I found some scraps of black fabric printed with piano keys and notes for the shell, and some lime green for the lining. I know she'll love it.


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