Monday, February 13, 2012

Serene Green

These green blocks were 95% finished by supper time on Saturday.

What actually was accomplished on Saturday is a slightly larger list. Between two adults and two children, here's what we did: washed two bathrooms, swept and washed every lino floor in the house, picked up toys, did dishes twice, organized the master bedroom, vacuumed two carpeted rooms, cleared the foyer, made meatloaf, did some gluten-free baking, went shopping, sewed green blocks, [played Castleville], and picked up the Husband from work. Phew!

Sunday was marvelously relaxing. We made a beautiful and tasty lunch and brought Husband back to work. Sunday also included some necessary evening beers.

This means that all the blocks for the House of Love quilt are done! Wanna see them all? Ta da!

They look great together! I'm planning to create a design wall in my next house - very much needed. For now, standing on the coffee table for photos will have to suffice.

This is the desired orientation for the finished quilt. I l.o.v.e. it. I really, really love it.
Today is library day. Tomorrow is grey sashing. I'll have a completed rainbow scrap flimsy by the end of the week (knock on wood).

These last photos are for Gramady. I didn't post on Grandparent Eye Candy Day, so anyone who doesn't want to see my Pixie today can navigate away without any hard feelings.

A normal breakfast in our home contains at least one cupful of green smoothie. The other day, my Pixie invented a new and unique way to eat her breakfast: by painting with it.

She even tried to lick the cutting board when she was done. Cleanup was a snap. I highly recommend letting your kids amalgamate art + breakfast.


  1. ooh! loving the look of your quilt xx

  2. love the colors of your quilt ..... a little of everything.

  3. Those colours in your blocks!!! Fabulous!

  4. Your quilt is the colours:)

  5. Oh, that looks wonderful! I love the fabrics you chose. Beautiful!

  6. wow that quilt is going the be AMAZING!!! Came over from Sew Much Ado and so glad I did!

  7. wonderful colours in your blocks - it will be a stunning quilt

  8. What a fabulous quilt - great colours! Saw your link on the Needle and Thread Network and thought I'd stop by. Cheers from a fellow Albertan!

  9. Love the rainbow effect! Great job!!


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