Tuesday, February 21, 2012


This darling Pixie is given many privileges and usually meets all of my expectations. This morning, however, the crayons were too tempting, the wall too white....

 Caught red-handed while applying crayon to wall, her only excuse was to say, "But I was drawing Pirates!" Because pirates make it okay.....

Yesterday this same Pixie commandeered my design time to request a blanky for her "toddy" bear. She spent an hour pretending to knit before discovering that knitting needles work just as well as drumsticks. Have you ever heard a toddler say "knit one, pearl two?" Hilarious.

I couldn't really say no to her request. I switched to crochet for a couple of days.

My goal is to use up the rest of the homeless pink yarn. It's been living in a plastic box for a couple of years since I downsized my hobbies to just sewing and quilting. If the box empties then I'll have more room for fabric, right?

Because it's all about the fabric.

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