Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Quick Learner

Last evening I cut these pieces from pink, denim, and interfacing. Here my Pixie wishes you to know that her pink shirt matches the pink fabric.

After the kids were in bed, I used this tutorial to transform those fabric pieces into this cute messenger bag.

It was so quick and easy. I may make another half dozen...I know a few kids who need useful cute things. I'll make two in boy flavours, and another in toddler sized girl flavour, and then lengthen the strap for two slightly taller girls who really shouldn't be left out.

I blew up some heart-shaped balloons before I went to bed.

I could hear squeals of enjoyment as I emerged from the shower this morning. They had no trouble finding something to do with the balloons. My Pixie kept saying "Happy birthday!"

 I explained to her that, in our culture, hearts are symbols of love. We celebrate love on Valentine's Day every year. I gave her and the Punk presents because I love them. It took her a few seconds to digest this new information, and then she happily started saying "happy balentine day." She's a genius. I rarely have to dumb down her education.

She also kept her big girl panties dry all night and peed on the toilet when she woke up this morning. After only one week of intensive training. I'm so proud of her.

Thanks for the advice, Gramady. Happy Valentine's Day.

And happy Valentine's day to everyone else, too.

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  1. the bag is great.. and obviously as much a hit as the ballons xx


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