Sunday, February 19, 2012

Is It Sunday Already?

Where the heck did Saturday go? Did I miss something?

I didn't take any pictures of my girls for Grandparent Eye Candy Day. I can report that the Pixie has been pronounced "an almost perfect child" by the wait staff at a local Boston Pizza. She is polite, precise, and mannerly when influenced by the correct form of encouragement.

The Punk loves this book bag. It was the last one on the "To Create" list. Green is her favorite colour and I may have to steal it back when she outgrows it. I love the flap!

I even managed to complete a little cutting and stitching of grey for the sashing on the House Of Love quilt. Flimsy coming soon....only a couple of days behind schedule.

I'm not really working with a deadline, anyways.

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